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Eagle Nest

 National Eagle Scout Association

There have been many famous Eagle Scouts throughout the first one hundred years of Scouting.  Many governmental leaders, including President Gerald Ford and numerous senators, governors, and representatives, were Eagles.  Famous business leaders include H. Ross Perot and Sam Walton.  Some other noteworthy Eagles include Neil Armstrong, Mike Rowe, and Steven Spielberg.

Joining this illustrious list are the following Eagles from Troop 197:

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Eagle Project



Seth Nieciecki

Eagle #1

In 2008, Seth's Eagle project involved over 300 man-hours and focused on the Brick and Cement Walkway for the main entrance into Fellowship United Methodist Church (our charter organization). It remains a focal point of the main entrance to the church today. 


Dylan Craig

Eagle #2

In 2008, Dylan's Eagle Project focused on the building of an outdoor raised gardening area for the Rutherford County Home of the Elderly. His project included over 200 man-hours and left the residents with a place to spend time outdoors in wheelchairs planting flowers & gardens. It will be enjoyed for years to come. 



Mason Riley

Eagle #3

In 2009, Mason's Eagle Project involved over 150 man-hours of service and focused on beautification of his church, Riverdale Baptist Church. He also built a new flower bed & rock wall for the church sign. It will be visible to all of the church congregation for years to come.


Wesley Riley

Eagle #4

In 2009, Wesley's Eagle project involved over 200 man-hours and involved the removal and the rebuilding of a new Storage Building for his church, Riverdale Baptist Church. One of the side products of Wesley's project was that the troop was able to take the old storage building & rebuild it into our new Quartermaster Building. The church will be able to use the building for many years to come.


Brandon Hazlett

Eagle #5

In 2009, Brandon's Eagle project revitalized over 100 picnic tables at a city park. The tables had all been painted on & carved in. Brandon developed a work schedule and plan over a three week period that enabled him & the Troop to make all the tables in the park appear brand new. It was a dusty and messy project, but was certainly needed and well executed.



Austin Duke

Eagle #6

In 2010, Austin's Eagle project involved over 200 man-hours and focused on the construction of an outdoor classroom for his church. He planned, organized, and help remove trees and shrubs in the area and then built benches and a sitting area for the classroom. A welcome outdoor area that will be used by all the members of his church for long time.


Dylan Sparschu

Eagle #7

In 2010, Dylans Project focused on bettering the overall quality of life at a local rehabilitation center. He remodeled the interior of an existing storage facility and painted the building, cleaned areas around it & made an outdoor gaming center for patients to relax & play games at.


Trevor Patterson

Eagle #8

In 2009, Trevors Eagle project focused on the area beatification of the local Salvation Church and Community Center here in Murfreesboro. Trevor's project took several different weekends to complete and included repairing their flagpole with a boom truck. The flagpole had been broken for sometime, but now the flags are flown there everyday.


Justin Schneider

Eagle #9

In 2010, Justin's project helped better the information dissemination at local city park. He planned, collected the supplies necessary, and supervised the construction of an information center at Barfield Park in Murfreesboro. The final result is an information center that was constructed just like the existing centers and that blended in so well it appears as though it has been there since the park was constructed.


Thomas Capps

Eagle #10

In 2010, Thomas developed, planned, and built a new storage building for his church. His project had over 200 man hours involved and resulted in the improvement of the overall quality of storage for his church. At the conclusion of his project, Thomas was able to see for himself and his troop the power of teamwork.



Grayson Dubois

Eagle #11

In 2011, Grayson designed and got approved plans for a concrete walkway to the monument to unborn children at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. After 8 months of planning, designing, and getting approvals, he organized and led the construction of the walkway, along with a couple of other miscellaneous weeding, plant re-location, and other minor beautification projects. By the end, Grayson's project had totaled over 330 man-hours.


Bradley Cunningham

Eagle #12

In 2011,


Johnathan Green

Eagle #13

In 2011, Johnathan’s project was used to help the teachers at Wilson Elementary School. He planned, fundraised, and oversaw his project. He built new benches and coverings for the teachers to use while they watch their students outside on the playground. In the school’s common grounds, there were also 3 large trees planted to add shade. The teachers, faculty, and students all seem to enjoy the addition.


Austin Hill

Eagle #14

In 2011,


Joey Onkst

Eagle #15

In 2011, Joey's project benefited the Room in the Inn in Murfreesboro, TN. which averages a house full of 22 people a night in her small 4 bedroom facility where space is a premium. My Eagle Project was to sort & clean openly stored equipment and landscape the playground area, add playground equipment. I also plan to try & reorganize the openly stored furniture into an existing storage area. We completed it in One workday. We completely emptied, clean and put back the storage Room. We hauled off over 5 truck loads of debris & damaged items. Over 25 Scouts and Leaders assisted in cutting weeds, bushes as well as mulching & cleaning the playground and family area.



John Hill

Eagle #16

In 2012,


Trey Hill

Eagle #17

In 2012,


Michael Pigott

Eagle #18

In 2012,


Trent Pyrz

Eagle #19

In 2012, Trent's project was building an outdoor classroom for CrossWay Baptist Church along their prayer trail. The classroom was about halfway down the trail, it consisted of 6 handmade wooden benches, a tree stump podium, and mulching around the area.


Austin Janke

Eagle #20

In 2012, Austin designed and managed construction of a 9/11 Memorial Garden for the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department. This garden consists of a large circular sidewalk surrounded with trees, which signifies the never ending memory of those lives lost, and two reflecting ponds representing the voids left by the towers as a result of the attacks. The garden is conjoined to a 9/11 Monument built by the Sheriff's Department, (which consists of an "I-Beam" from the first tower attacked on September 11, 2001) and serves as a memorial for those who lost their lives in these terrifying attacks. 


Justin Langley

Eagle #21

In 2012,


Joseph Donovan

Eagle #22

In 2012,



Austin Miller

Eagle #23

In 2012,


Daniel Moore

Eagle #24

In 2012, Daniel's Eagle Project was to upgrade the wireless Infrastructure in Fellowship UMC for Internet access. He coordinated the install of Cisco Wireless Access Points in 5 different locations within the church. He also ran Cat5 cabling to hard-wire the Youth and Children's worship PCs since they were either wireless or not connected at all. He also coordinated the maintenance and cleaning of all the PC and monitors within the church.


Christian Hoermann

Eagle #25

In 2012,


Logan Nieciecki

Eagle #26

In 2013,


Chandler Burton

Eagle #27

In 2013,


Ryan Lefever

Eagle #28

In 2013,


Joel Duke

Eagle #29

In 2013,



Daryl Smith

Eagle #30

In 2014,


Chase Smith

Eagle #31

In 2014,


Andrew Carroll

Eagle #32

In 2014,



Trent Gibson

Eagle #33

In 2015,


Ryan Pierce

Eagle #34

In 2015,


Austen Smith

Eagle #35

In 2015,


Paul Keating

Eagle #36

In 2015,



Dalton Phillips

Eagle #37

In 2015,


Cameron Leonard

Eagle #38

In 2015,


Caleb Calfee

Eagle #39

In 2015,


Chase Burton

Eagle #40

In 2015,


Casey Couch

Eagle #41

In 2016, After 200-plus hours of labor and multiple hands at work, Central Magnet School junior Casey Couch finally completed his Eagle Scout project: a mobile vegetable stand for The Journey Home Community Garden. "We've been excited about having Casey work on this project. By having the vegetable stand, it helps draw awareness to the work we're doing a well as selling produce to help fund the work program we have going on," said Scott Foster, director and founder of The Journey Home community outreach program. The 6-by-12-foot wooden stand is set atop a metal-framed trailer and features a fold-up window and fold-down shelves where baskets of produce can be displayed.


Bradley Moore

Eagle #42

In 2016, Bradley engineered and built a six person Hammock city designed in a semi-circle around an existing fire pit for the Youth group at New Vision Baptist Church at theie Buchanan campus. He also received many donated hammocks that he presented to the church during one of their services.


Aaron Waterson

Eagle #43

In 2016,



Andrew Chase

Eagle #44

In 2016,


Jacob Cobb

Eagle #45

In 2016,


Jake Duke

Eagle #46

In 2016,


Christopher Curtis

Eagle #47

In 2016,


Benjamin Johnson

Eagle #48

In 2017, The Ultimate Luau Island Project (T.U.L.I.P.) is a conservation project on Luau island in J. Percy Priest Lake. The beneficiary is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville Division. The project's purpose is to improve the ecology and campground environment on the island by replacing trees on the island, removing trash and replacing an improper fire ring on the Island with an official fire ring. To accomplish this, the recruits that volunteered for the project planted 4 new Sycamore trees and 25 Black Willow cuttings on the island, picking up garbage and broken glass, in addition to dismantling a large but poorly built fire ring and replacing it with a fire ring built with concrete blocks.


Trevor Rawlins

Eagle #49

In Sept 2017, My project included the rebuild and stain the five picnic tables throughout Cannonsburgh Village. This benefited all visitors and staff of Cannonsburg Village by providing a better environment to look at as well as providing more suitable seating arrangements.


Luke Connor

Eagle #50

In Oct 2017, My Project benefited a young man named Karrington. He is paralyzed from the waist down and permanently in a wheelchair. I tore down his old deck and replaced it with a stronger, bigger, and more sturdy one. The deck will come out 16 feet from the house and run down it 26 feet. It also includes a ramp. This deck will allow Karrington to get out and enjoy nature, as this is his only way for him to do so at home. The deck he had was way too small for him to maneuver on and it is not stable.



Myles Hicks

Eagle #51

In 2017, Old Salem Church Ramp Reconstruction-254 hrs. My project will help our church as our congregation has several elderly people that use the ramps due to the steep stairs to our church. Also our ramps were beginning to become rotting and not safe for use. We took the existing ramp down and stripped it down. After this was done we replaced all damaged boards from all three ramp areas. During this time period we also will add additional supports to the structures. After the bracing was complete we replaced all the damaged boards that were damaged. After they were all out together we painted and sealed the ramps.


Julian Johnson

Eagle #52

In 2017, For my Eagle project I will be building 2- 6X4 shelf mobile shelving units and approximately 20-12X12 cubbies in a 5' wide and 4'tall and 1' deep section of the wall at "The Den Community Center". This center is an inner city ministry of the New Vision Baptist Church. The cubbies will give the kids a place for their shoes backpacks, etc. The shelving units will provide mobile storage for books, games, etc. 113.25 hours


Joah Winford

Eagle #53

In 2017, My project is to build a "Church Memorial Trail" for the Rockvale Cumberland Presbyterian Church behind the old church memorial building. The trail will lead from the memorial to the creek(less than 1/4 mile) and will be populated with wooden benches that will be in memory of the past church members. These benches will be sold to the church members to help fund the project. This trail will provide a quiet place for mediation and reflection along a peaceful path that leads to a creek. It will provide the church members, young and old a place for exercise and enjoyment and a place to dedicate memories to lost love ones. 124 hrs


Benji Barnes

Eagle #54

In 2017, I replaced a section of fence 4 1/2 feet tall and 126 feet long at the Stones River National Battlefield. This project will be beneficial as the fence will be a replica of a fence used during the battle at Stones River. The fence is needed, as it will show visitors what the battlefield looked like during the Civil War. It will also help show the impact the war had in the local community. I spent approximately 49 hours on this project.


Mason Bermudez

Eagle #55

In 2017, There was already a fire pit built by a previous Eagle Project at the Fellowship United Methodist Church from one of our other Eagle Scouts in our Troop. I will be adding benches around this fire pit to expand on this area. This adds to the beauty of the location in the grove and it provides seating for people to enjoy the fire pit or just to relax while enjoying the outdoors. I also refurnished the existing benches in the grove to make sure they were still in good shape. This project took me approximately 336 hours.